Bird Tray @ IKEA

I found the cutest bird tray over at Kay Loves Vintage today -- she discovered it in the latest IKEA catalog which (ahem) my mail carrier failed to leave in the corridor of our house... though he delivered them to other buildings. Hmmm. Perhaps my husband told him to avoid leaving them here as he slipped him a twenty or something. :) Well I think this tray that Kay found is brilliant and as she noticed too, it's very Charley Harper-esque which I completely love. So colorful and fun!

IKEA find

I'm sure lots of these will soon pop up in home tours on blogs around the world as the latest IKEA must-have item. I know as soon as my local IKEA stocks these I'm ON IT. Hey, why not? They are practical and cute and for Summer, great for serving drinks on the patio. They are even good for the desk to arrange pencil holders, notepads and such on. Let's hear it for fun, affordable design! And birds! Birds rock people.

(image: kay loves vintage)