Happy Friday!

Hello friends! Yes well... I'm signing off quite early today -- please forgive me for running out so soon. I have an immigration interview in a few hours which will determine whether or not I can truly stay here or not (LOL) and afterwards, another related appointment, then I need to go shopping for some essentials as our shipment from America has not yet arrived by boat (boo hoo) so I need a few things to hold me over until my boxes arrive. I'm taking the day off. I know, oh gosh. Bad blogger. :)

sea shanties

But before I go, what will you do this weekend? Please share! On Saturday, I'm hitting the fabric market coming to town (like a circus without the clowns and fleas!) held outdoors all day... It's an open air event that I love and the weather calls for sunshine (yay!). It's pretty much a paved area in the city right in front of a coffee house, so I can get fuel first, where a bunch of sellers have tents and they're offering fabrics, notions and sewing machines for sale. This "band" of people come over primarily from Holland but some German sellers are there too, of course.  There are rows and rows of linens, poplins, silk, brocade, you name it. And lots of buttons and such. I will be there with a big smile and a camera to hopefully steal some impressions for you! If I do take photos, I'll be sure to share them next week so that you are able to feel like we went together because let's face it, we'd all have a blast at something like this together!

I also have family coming over and a big dinner to prepare Saturday night and Sunday is busy, busy, busy too - but breakfast will be spent at home followed by a walk in the forest. And in the midst of it all, I'm trying to plan a few upcoming vacations so I have a bit of research to do on Sunday morning to decide where we will go and for how long. :) And I still need to crack open those three design books that I showed you last Friday. I never did read them last weekend... I did promise a review so I will get to that on Monday so please join me back here for that. Also, Miss Leslie will be back on Monday with her brand spankin' new, very inspiring, palette for Color Me Pretty. I can't wait to show you her gorgeous photos that she's produced just for you.

Okay then, see you on Monday and wish me luck today at my immigration appointment. I'll be speaking German during the interview so please, if you believe in magic and miracles, unicorns and tree spirits then wiggle your nose, pray for me, wave your wand... whatever it takes to help me not stumble over my words and to obtain my visa so someday I can have my shiny EU residency card. :)

So again, what will you do this weekend?

(image: sea shanties, whom I adore...)