Sweet Little Moments

When I saw this photo today on the Twins' Garden blog, I couldn't resist sharing because I love it so much. Well, of course I adore little animals and the one thing I miss the most about living in New England is that here in Germany we have no chipmunks! That's right, none! But thankfully we do have squirrels but not gray and large like the ones in Boston -- they are smaller and bright red with huge furry ears. They are the cutest creatures ever! But I do miss the chipmunks... I would love to hold one like this. Yesterday I went to beautiful park where deer roam free, I saw dozens of them and bucks too and since this is nothing I'd see so easily back home, I guess I've traded the chipmunks for the deer and okay, that's fine but still... just look at this cuteness...


This image was taken by the inspiring Theresa from Salem Massachusetts, also known to her massive lists of fans as Simple Tess, a long time Flickr contact of mine.

(image: simple tess)