Happy Weekend!

I'd like to take a moment before signing off for the weekend to thank you for visiting me here on decor8 this past week and for all the wonderful comments you've left that I enjoyed reading so very much! I've had a great week and I hope you have enjoyed the content that I've presented as much as I have. There is more in store for next week, so I'll return again on Monday with a new batch of posts and experiences to share.

Happy Friday!

But before we part, I have a few things to share with you that I've been enjoying. First, these vintage bottles from the local pharmacy, they used them years ago and recently sold 4 to me for 2- euros each. I use them to place beads inside, also for flower stems and other miscellany. I added Japanese masking tape because you can barely see them otherwise. But just for today. Tomorrow they may hold a few stems of wild flowers instead. The pharmacy has additional larger ones available too. I am so tempted... If only the had the space!

Jöhrenshof Shop

Next, this design store in Hannover that I visited on Tuesday called Jöhrenshof. Part florist, part garden center and gift shop with home furnishings, bedding and more. The store is grouped into rooms and is just the most beautiful shop ever). They have wonderful bath products. I love my new home!

Fresh Heather

And finally, fresh heather for my mother-in-law's patio. :) It's in bloom here and grown in the state where I live so you can find it everywhere for around 2,50- euros per pot. Oh and these handpainted soup bowls are ones I just took out of my china cabinet this afternoon for the hot homemade soup that Thorsten made for me since I seem to have caught a cold since last night... He made veggie soup and it was divine -- as is everything he cooks. He is very Nigella in the kitchen and so no recipes are used and only fresh ingredients are chopped, peeled and placed into a hearty broth - all with love.

So I will go now with my bowl of steaming hot vegetable soup and get on with my weekend. I'm wishing you a wonderful few days until we meet again -- be safe, be happy, and most of all, be creative in some small way if you can!

(images: holly becker for decor8)