Getting Your Act Together

So, in preparation of the upcoming arrival in three weeks or so of about 82 boxes arriving from the states, I am trying to get my act together. For instance, I need to organize my apartment because well... I never thought I'd be living in our vacation flat full-time and now that we are (until we find a larger place), we have to make due with a one bedroom, 600 square foot space with only one bedroom and no office (we both work from home). Which is fine if we didn't have all those boxes on their way over. For starters, my dining room cabinet is not organized and this needs to be taken care of asap. This first photo is a lie. It's a glimpse of how beautiful you think my cabinet is until I zoom out and show you the whole thing. So here is the zoomed in view to make you think my cabinet is so lovely...

Getting organized

And here is the zoomed out version to pound in the reality of it: My cabinet is a disaster.

The joys of settling in...

I mean, just look at this thing? A train wreck. The top, above the fairy lights, is not styled, things just tossed up there because I couldn't stuff them into the cabinet... train. wreck. The top shelf is acceptable though carelessly arranged. The second shelf, well the right half is OKAY but the left half is scary. Then it just gets worse as you go down. Like, by the time you hit the bottom shelf you know that I just threw stuff in and pushed the doors REALLLLLLY hard to shut them tight enough for them to stay closed. Closing the doors is like trying to put on those jeans that fit you 10 years ago. Not happenin'. If this cabinet could, it would lay on the bed and try to pull those doors shut.

But I'm not embarrassed at all because this is a view of what my authentic self is like sometimes. A sometimes very messy china cabinet person. But it's also a sort of coming out for me because I really need to organize this cabinet before my boxes arrive.  I promise to show you an after. I plan to work on it very soon. :)

So -- what is messy in your home right now that you realllly need to work on cleaning out? Now that Fall is here, what home projects do you have in mind? Maybe we can all keep one another get our act together... :)

(images: holly becker for decor8)