Herzensart: Viking Plates

Like vikings much? You may not know how charming they can be until now. Sandra Monat from Herzensart has a new collection of viking plates that I think are darling. So fun! I imagine whether you have small boys in the house or not, you could own some for personal use too. No boys required! I've talked about Sandra on decor8 before, but in case you aren't familiar with her then today is your lucky day. She is a German artist/designer who I've been following for almost as long as I've been writing this blog. And she's great.


Sandra makes soft toys, cards, and other neat things out of her studio in a small town just outside of Cologne. Her whimsical blog is full of  inspiration -- in addition to sharing her work, she's been busy sketching her daily outfits and posting them for fun and I really appreciate her sense of humor and her sweet illustrative style.

(images: sandra monat)