Inspiring Art Videos

I noticed recently that artist Geninne Zlatkis, whom I've been following for several years now, has a series of art videos over at Vimeo sharing how she carves stamps, paints with white ink, and some of her watercolor techniques. I love this and wish more of my favorite artists would give online instruction a whirl because it's so exciting to watch the process and feel as though I'm seated in the same room taking part in it all.

Geninne Zlatkis

Geninne Zlatkis

I think they're very helpful and motivating, I love watching an artist at work so I've already viewed them all with my morning tea. I hope that you enjoy them! And to view more of Geninne's art and learn about her work, you can visit her beautiful blog, Geninne's Art Blog.

P.S. Don't you just love her art studio and art wall?

(images: geninne zlatkis)