Inspired By...

My friend Anne (aka Enna) just got back from Lisbon and I can't stop looking at her photos today! I'm so inspired by Portugal all of a sudden, I'm dying to go there now. Sometimes it takes a good friend to go someplace you'd never in your life thought to travel to -- and her visit makes you suddenly think about taking the same trip. We all influence one another in this way, so often, it's wonderful isn't it? Friends are so precious in every respect, but when a friend inspires you through her life and what she does with it, it's a friendship to hold on to I believe.

Tiles in Lisbon

See this photo above? It's from Anne's visit to Portugal. I could have shared with you a photo of a house, the sea, or some food shots that she'd taken but instead I selected this one because it personally gave me an emotional reaction... it's all I can think about now! This would be beautiful interpreted into art, a pattern for fabric, or even to tile a kitchen backsplash using so many different vintage tiles - I would love to do this.

(image: anne wendlendt)