The Blue Hour

I was reading the Pony Rider blog this morning and came across a gorgeous Brooklyn-based blogger I'd not heard of before, The Blue Hour. Do you know Brian Ferry and his amazing photography? This week you will because I've decided to add him as my blog of the week.

Brian Ferry

His photos really speak to me, as I'm sure they will to you, and I really dig the emotion this guy puts into his work - each capture radiates some kind of mood of the moment that I love. Do you remember when you were a kid and some boy would stare at you and you'd give him that smart school girl reply, "Take a picture, it lasts longer!". In this case, that little boy took you seriously, grew up, and became an awesome photographer.


Brian Ferry

I love the mood in his work, there are lots of shadows, some darkness, a bit melancholy and a bit gritty, with this hopeful light that dances in from out of nowhere... Gorgeous work, Brian!

(images: © brian ferry)