Si Lolita Parfum

I felt intrigued when my husband called me into his office today to share a video that he thought I'd really love. I wasn't sure what it would be. But did my eyes widen when he shared not one, but two videos for Si Lolita parfum. You can watch them along with me if you'd like. But first, please view the "making of" the video here and then afterwards, watch the final video that is the advertisement running on tv currently in France.

Si Lolita

It is the new Si Lolita parfum and I just love the whole handmade feel -- so many models built and intricately painted, flea markets sourced for inspiration that the designers relied upon... Oh it's just so magical. I wish the behind-the-scenes footage lasted a wee bit longer, I would have loved to have learned more about the production. :) It's Dali meets Coraline meets Tim Burton. So, so magical. Enjoy!

(images: si lolita)