Calendar Round Up 2010

Hello friends and happy Friday! Yay, it's Friday, let's all do the happy dance together, okay? So move a little to the left, a little to the right, pump your arms over your head and shout Yahoo!!! Yes,  now your entire office thinks you're nuts but honey, they already knew you were a little "unique" so no worries. :) Okay so we're done happy dancing, now it's time to get down to some serious blogging and blog reading. You know, the stuff you do when you are supposed to be working. Today will be unique in that posts will only be about calendars. Yup. An entire day of calendars, but I'm sure you can handle it! :) It's time for the annual decor8 calendar round up for 2010! I'm so excited to share some of my favorites with all of you... though I shouldn't say some -- there are so, so many!

Calendar Round Up!

I bought 4 calendars last year, one for the kitchen, another for the office, one for a friend and then another for my husband. This year, I've purchased 2 already for 2010 - one for my office and another for my wallet... but I'm thinking I'll order a few more to give as gifts and also to display in my home, perhaps in my kitchen. What about you, how many do you usually buy and where do you hang them? Do you use the artwork from the calendars to as prints or cards after? I always recycle my calendars into either postcards or prints that I frame. It's a great way to spruce up your home for cheap and to justify the expense of owning so many calendars (ha ha).

Here's how it will work: I plan to do lots of showing and not so much telling, I figure you will need the artist name and link and a pretty photo so that's what I've pulled together. I'm going to group them into categories: Letterpress, for the desk, poster style, month-to-month (the more traditional wall style), photography, and misc. I know that's not the best way to organize this but it's the only way I could do it in order to avoid a post with 15 million calendars all mashed together. Okay, so! I hope you enjoy this great big calendar round up! Stay tuned...

Note: I received over 500 submissions and of course, couldn't round up all of them because my fingers would fall off from coding it all, but I tried to include as many as I could... if I missed yours, please do not hate me or mail stinky things to my house, and don't call my house heavy breathing into the phone, "Sydney.... Sydney....." (ha ha, from that crazy Scream flick).

Ready? Okay, let me start roundin' up... be back soon!

(image: holly becker for decor8)