The Well-Dressed Home {Book}

Fashion and interiors definitely go hand in hand, especially since fashion often finds its way into interior design trends within a year or two after walking down the runway... sometimes even sooner. I love watching the master minds out there translate what they're seeing on the runway into a cohesive collection for the home, whether it's West Elm, Zara Home, or your local boutique - fashion does seem to inspire many a home collection. Yesterday over at Real Simple, I reviewed a newly published book called The Well-Dressed Home by Annette Tatum, which not only shows examples of fashion and mood boards but how all that inspiration is collection and translated into a room. It's a rather interesting book, you can read more about it here in case you've been wondering about this title since it seems to be popping up on lots of blogs lately.

The Well-Dressed Home

Also, The Well-Dressed Home is the decor8 book of the week. This means that if you purchase it after clicking this link that I will earn 6% from the sale.

Have you read this book? Or flipped through it? What are your impressions?

(images: the well-dressed home)