Ruthi Auda

Ruthi Auda is a talented young lady that you'll love to learn more about and here's why... Born in East L.A., she's currently pursuing her degree in graphic design out at Biola University in southern California while simultaneously working as a display coordinator at her local Anthropologie store in Newport Beach. On her blog she shows lots of the work that she assists on in-store, which I find fascinating and fun to watch - it's neat to have an insider take on the magic that happens in the world of visual merchandising. I love their current installation - paper ostriches! Tell me you don't want to craft one of these bad boys yourself?? :)


Look into those eyes... can you resist that come-hither, you know you want me, stare? Oh try... Just try. But you cannot. Because you know you want a big ostrich in your living room to keep you company on nights when your sig other is out. Or near the dining room table.Well in reality, this only works as a display in a retail store vs. in the home but it's still quite magical and lovely to look at, don't you think?

Now do you want to see something else that's kinda cool? No, not more birds...


Ruthi made this Polaroid camera out of cork to give to her boyfriend with a card inside instead of a normal envelope. How genius is this? More crafty and creative Ruthi can be found weekly on her blog, so make sure you bookmark this girl!

(images: ruthi auda)