Song and Scene Blog

Photographer Diana Brennan recently started a new blog, Song and Scene, that I find unique and inspiring. Especially since my husband is a photographer and music composer (both hobbies, yeah he's a smarty) and often composes songs around the photographs that he takes. I have to tell him about Diana's new blog! This may inspire him because she shares a photo that she took along with a song, not her own song -- but a favorite tune that she feels fits the photo. In case you wonder what she's using on her blog it's called Soundshark, suggested to her by Tara Lutman Agacayak.

Song & Scene

I really like this because it's so nice when artists try to make the blogging experience more emotional and heartwarming, attaching their work to music and/or video certainly makes it come alive and also gives one further insight into the personality of the artist. Check out her blog and see what you think, I'm sure that she'd really enjoy your feedback on this idea of hers as well... it's a nice one.

(image: diana brennen)