Artist Margaret Meyer

Erin was nice enough to send the talented Margaret Meyer from Portland, Oregon my way this week -- she thought I'd be keen on her artwork and oh my -- was she right. These are magical. Want to see? And make sure you read a bit of her background that I've shared below. It's not everyday you run into those involved in the film industry, especially in the creation of films you're a fan of!

Margaret Meyer

Margaret is an illustrator and artist and told me that she has spent the last few years working in stop-motion animation on various TV shows and film like Coraline, Robot Chicken and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack in costume design and fabrication. Fascinating who we meet online, isn't it? This was an especially interesting email to receive as I'm a big fan of Robot Chicken (I know, I'm a geek) and Coraline which was some of the most delicious animated work produced recently in my opinion. Margaret recently decided to share her art through Etsy and opened a shop with some of her personal paintings and prints. The prints are mounted on wood plaques or placed into vintage frames.

Part creepy, part cute, her surreal Alice in Wonderland-like muted interpretations of the world around her are quite fascinating and I find her characters ones that I  imagine in a children's book or even animated on the big screen. Don't you just love that she is sharing her work in this way? I often wonder about the talented people who work on animated films and what they do on the side while not in the studio. I shared these illustrations with my husband, Thorsten, and he really liked them... Which made me think that you may want to share this post with the man in your life too. :)

(images: margaret meyer)