Until Monday!

First of all -- I have great news for you -- decor8 is on a new faster server AND only 12 (instead of 20) posts show up on the main page to decrease site load time. Yay! Now I have great news for me. :) Today is turkey day (US) so I'm taking off for the afternoon along with tomorrow and Friday to relax with my family, enjoy the winter markets that just kicked off, finish some work-related projects and a bunch of other things including a mini getaway and I'm attending a design & crafts fair this weekend. I also plan to practice a little photography! I'm excited about my mini break.... weeee!

little things :)

My husband is taking me to see New Moon tonight, isn't he sweet? In my local theater you can buy movie tickets in advance and reserve specific seats (they're numbered, great idea right?) so we have fab seats and so we won't have to worry about arriving early and waiting in line. New Moon is huge here, all of the film times sold out within a day.

What do you plan to do over the next few days? Anything fun?

I'll be back on Monday, November 30th so I'll see you again real soon. Much love to you!

(images: holly becker for decor8)