Workstead: Industrial Chandelier

Robert Highsmith, one half of New York based collaborative Workstead which also includes Stefanie Brechbuehler, recently shared a new light fixture with me that I fell for instantly. Workstead is a firm offering graphic design, architectural services, furniture and lighting and this little beauty had me at hello. It's called the Industrial Chandelier and retails at around $1,150 so it's a piece you'll mostly likely need to fall in love with before you open your wallet.


Robert explains the light far better than I can, so I'll let him tell you more, "This ceiling fixture, fuses the concept of the chandelier with a keen understanding of function and flexibility. It utilizes re-purposed O.C. White industrial joints, vintage Hubbell sockets, and new-cut steel. The arms can be articulated in multiple axes; the joints allow for 360 degrees of rotation. Sockets placed at the end of each arm have a turn-key function, allowing for 1 - 3 bulbs to be illuminated at any given time. The fixture is both articulate and elemental. Its goal is to gracefully exhibit the physical properties of light."

And don't you just love the entire room? Drool. The windows, rustic table, weathered wood floors and fantastic lighting really caught my eye -- and the chandelier -- oh yes, the whipped cream on this perfectly delicious space. Focal point = found!

(image: workstead)