Mia Overgaard Illustration

I was recently out during my daily walk and came across the most lovely poster pasted to one of many announcement poles that we have on our street - this one shows a current outdoor market and skating event being held in nearby Wolfsburg. I loved the illustrative style so I photographed it quickly with my camera as I was in a hurry to visit a friend.

Mia Overgaard

Lovely poster

Later that day, I googled the event and after much searching, I found their website and then an email and so I wrote to the organizer requesting the name of the artist. They so promptly replied to my email with an answer! Yay! (Thank you, Janna.) The illustrator is Mia Overgaard from Denmark and they found her via Pepper Cookies, one of her agents, in London. Here are some samples of her beautiful work.

Mia Overgaard

Mia Overgaard

Her bio is quite interesting because she attended fashion design school in Copenhagen only to graduate and realize that it was the actual drawing of fashion and models that she loved more than clothing design and construction. You can read more about Mia here.

The things you can find while out walking around -- there is inspiration everywhere!

(images: autostadt (top), holly becker (2nd image), all others mia overgaard)