Happy Weekend!

I think we've spent a nice week here together, don't you? I've really enjoyed the comments on this post, I read them all, some twice, and I appreciate each thoughtful response. I feel a deeper connection to you, and have clicked on all of the links to your various blogs, and am surprised by how many came by to take part in the discussion. So thank you very much. :)

Toast UK

And on Monday, for those who have asked, I will post the link to where you can sign up for the next Blogging Your Way e-course, which will be open for registration on December 7th at noon EST (7:00 pm here in Germany), and I'll announce the name of my partner-in-crime who will be teaching along with me for this session. You will love her, just you wait! :)

Now it is time to begin the weekend... it is after 5pm here now so I need to wrap up blogging for the day. What will you do this weekend? I will be visiting our relatives who live in the countryside and attending yet another market and shopping event tomorrow along with having dinner at the new apartment of friends who recently purchased a flat in an old building and gut renovated it. Of course, I'm excited to see what they've done and I'm trying to decide on a nice little housewarming present. Any ideas for me?

See you on Monday, enjoy your weekend! :)

(image: toast - you simply must order their winter catalog)