Art Wall

Have you heard of the inspiring online indie gallery called Art Wall? American proprietress Katie Stephenson, who left her job in the corporate world to care for her daughter and start her own small business, curates this collection that changes on a monthly basis. What inspired art wall? This photo is from a Hable Construction store in New York that has since closed. Katie saw it and her ideas began to flow...

Art Wall Online

Art Wall is not a shop but a curated gallery and Katie is there to point you in the right direction -- you simply click on apiece that you are interested in and then you'll be directed to a page that tells you more about it along with an opportunity to enlarge it. Then, if you are interested in proceeding you can click on Purchase Here and you'll be directed to shop of the artist . New whimsical, illustrated black and white art walls are added to the site each month with art in full color -- such a great display idea and each piece is reasonably priced between $5 and $500 depending on whether or not the art is a print or an original.

Art Wall Online

Art Wall Online

I love seeing creative people inventing new and interesting ways for others to see things -- presentation is so important when it comes to purchasing art online and I think Katie was pretty clever to develop such an imaginative way to share the art that she loves.

If you are an artist and would like to see your work displayed on Art Wall, please visit this page to learn more.

Great work, Miss Katie!

(images: top: hable construction, others: art wall online)