Best In Park

How much is that doggy in the window? And have you heard of Best In Park? The name is great, right!? Best in Park is a curated collection of high quality home objects, dog leashes and id tags that are designed and made in Australia.

Best in Park

I rarely talk about pets because I currently do not have any cutie dogs or cats so I wonder how much of a review I can truly give of something I know so little about. The last time I was in a home with pets was with my parents, which has been awhile! And pet "stuff" has changed remarkably throughout the years. Today pet ownership is a whole new experience filled with everything from organic dog food to luxury items like tiny designer rain coats and real gemstone collars. While some of it feels a bit over-the-top to me, I support what Best In Park is all about: quality, stylish leashes and my favorite (and what fits the theme of this blog) -- decorative doggy hooks for the entryway to hang them.

(images: best in park)