Cox & Cox: Wish List

I'm such a Cox & Cox fan. It's one of those shops that I feel sometimes like I sat there behind-the-scenes assisting them in curating their inventory. Do you ever feel that way when you look at a shop online -- like it feels almost like it could have your name written all over it? If so, which one (please tell me!)? Cox & Cox comes pretty close for me... Ah, perhaps someday I will curate a little Holly shop but for now, I'll play pretend and share with you some finds that I personally would love to own and/or give to my friends. My wish list, my ten things, if you would like to peek...

Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox

1. Deer notebook, 2. decorative display frame, 3. silvered milagros, 4. union jack doorstop, 5. yesterday's news pencils, 6. usb computer light garland (love!), 7. mouse in a box, 8. owl sew kit, 9. storage bags and the 10th: paint your own russian doll kit.

What do you like? I think I may order the garland for my macbook and those newspaper pencils... Hmmm...

(images: cox and cox)