Old Soul New Heart

With it being new year's eve, I thought I'd color outside of the lines a bit and show some fashionable hair accessories that I came across recently in case you need a little party inspiration... Wanna see?

old soul new heart

I have long hair but I feel like I either need a serious haircut or I should learn how to do things with all this madness. I'm a bit bored as I mostly curl it and with the exception of adding a bobby pin or clip now and then. I'm not as creative with hair accessories as I'd like to be. That's why I started searching online for some hair styling ideas and that search brought me to Old Soul New Heart where I found these gorgeous handmade hair accessories above.

Do you use girly extras in your hair like these pretty things? If so, I envy you! I need to put more time and effort into this because when I look at these gorgeous arrangements of clips and headbands I'm thinking it may be totally within my reach -- how hard can it be? So lovely!

I hope you have a fun evening whatever you are up to -- I'm told German new year's eve (called Silvester) is unlike anything I'd ever experienced back home and that street fests and fireworks are being shot from every direction -- rooftops, sidewalks, streets... I can't wait to experience Silvester outside of my home country -- this is my first time. What do you plan to do tonight? Anything exciting?

(images: old soul new heart)