West Elm Love

After that House Doctor post that sent everyone swooning (yay!) I feel like I owe my friends back in the US of A a little local love, right? So I thought about a shop close to home and West Elm popped into mind. I know, you guys may be sick of it because well, it's right down the street for you but now that I've jumped the pond I'm totally jealous of you guys stateside because I cannot order from them since they won't ship overseas (boooo!). I spot a few lovely things there that I 'd love to get my hands on. Here are some of my faves that just may make you tingle and shake too. :)

West Elm: New

1. upholstered slipper chair, 2. wrap dining chairs, 3. poufs (and they're on sale. I want the grey/white one though the faux fur one is great, very shaggy - just add eyes and you have a pet!) and 4. top-drawer side tables.

West Elm: New

1. top drawer coffee table, 2. niche furniture in white (very Jonathan Adler on a budget, right? I also like how that 3 drawer would work great in an entryway.), 3. safari rug in gray and white (I can do zebra when it's subtle like this and not shaped like a road kill zebra) and 4. chunky tassel throw. yum.meeee.

West Elm: New

And people don't you agree that West Elm always knocks it out of the park with their lighting? I am drooling over this round uplight lamp. We don't have access to lighting that is this affordable and stylish in Germany on the same level as Americans do. Yes, there is Habitat and a few other shops, but mostly Germans have greater access to either high end or run of the mill lighting but nothing in between. Think American lighting options 15 years ago back before West Elm and Target saved us.

West Elm: New

1. Tall Drum pendant (sharp, sharp, sharp. Fantastic color and I LOVE the silver lining! ), 2. centerpiece candelabra, 3. lacquer office storage, 4. wall mounted bookcase -- what a hot little number that is.

And hello... is it me or is West Elm really rocking the whole styling/photography thing lately? That yellow and white desk set up directly above is very Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living, right? And the whole yellow, gray, white and silver theme is really calling to me again. But this is so typical and happens each and every Spring the moment I start seeing all of that yellow basking alongside gun metal and pale gray tones...

There are so many lovely things, it's tempting to not binge and just West Elm your whole house (though how unoriginal would that be?). Though in moderation, there are definitely some pieces here that I can absolutely see purchasing if I still had access to their products. That grayish pendant for one with the silver lining. I'm smitten by that thing and I'm wondering now how I can DIY a silver lining into a pendant that I brought over from the states. I have to look into this... And that coffee table is another great piece, along with those wrap dining chairs - a pair of them around a small cafe table would be perfect for an eat-in kitchen.

Is this collection speaking to anyone else out there?

(images: west elm)