Schönes Wochenende!

Before I sign off for the weekend I must ask, how was your week? I've had a very enlightening one with some definite a-ha! moments that sparked some ideas about the current path I'm on, paths to be explored, and other paths that I need to allow the brush to grow over and eventually close. It's the beginning of a new year, I know, but I feel a shift that I've not felt in years and I'm ready to see where all of this takes me. I definitely did not feel this shift last year, nor the year before because I felt very confident back then in my path and had no concerns really about the future.

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This year is different. I've changed a lot since this time last January and as a result, changes have occurred in me that are quite noticeable. And though I'm still confident in my direction, I'm not so sure that my path is the only means to get me to my goal and so I am seriously considering a few challenges to throw in to make the journey more rich and rewarding. And what about you? Is the light getting brighter in certain areas of your life, too? Have you experienced any moments this week that made you stop and really consider, seriously, the year before you?

This weekend will be one of deep thought for me as I plan to take a lot of time with my journal and tea as I unravel some knots in my mind and lay out a game plan. And in addition to all this self care, I plan to indulge in a spa visit which includes a Finnish sauna, and view 3 properties as our search for a new apartment has officially begun. I'll be documenting my new apartment search over on Haus Maus so please visit there if you'd be interested at all in a little virtual apartment hunting.

I'll see you on Monday! Schönes Wochenende (Have a good weekend, in German pronounced kind of like "Sshue-ness Wo-cken-end-eh)!