Delicious Images

You may have noticed that Tartlette has been my blog of the week for a bit more than a week! Truth be told, I've not wanted to remove her because I love clicking over to her blog each day to see what she has cooked up since my last visit. One thing I noticed this morning that perhaps has been there all the time, or not, is that now her recipes are available in both French and English AND she has an etsy shop called Delicious Images where she sells her beautiful 8x12 photographs of the food she makes for $35 each. Yum! They'd all be so nice framed for a kitchen... Have a look and drool for yourself!

delicious images

Do you know much about this talented lady behind Tartlette and Delicious Images? If not, you may want to have a look at her portfolio online. Helene Dujardin is a former pastry chef who relocated from France to beautiful Charlestown, South Carolina in '98 and is a food stylist and photographer who, in my opinion, is going places. Love. Her.

I'll be adding a new blog of the week today (sorry Helene!) but I've loved introducing you to Tartlette over the past few weeks and hope you've enjoyed it too!

(images: helene dujardin)