Icelandic Market

After Tara's guest post highlighting her adventures to Iceland, I've been thinking about taking a trip up north for a weekend visit to Reykjavik. I recently heard from Eirikur Adalsteinsson over at the online shop Icelandic Market which sells only wares created by designers from Iceland and enjoyed seeing the clean, modern style with the obvious love of nature in each product. Have you visited this shop before? Possibly not as it seems to be new to the blogging circuit.

icelandic market

If you're keen on unique design with a nod to nature, you'll love their home + fashion. I'm wishing I could get my husband to wear this Thufa hat in grey. I saw one on a man here the other day, he looked really, really cute in it and I imagined how my guy would wear it so well too. When I asked him he gave me the look. Does your sig other have a look, too? This look was of the not-in-your-dreams variety. The one where I know that all the convincing in the world will not change his mind. It's the look I like the least! Maybe I can buy it and beg, though I may just end up with less money and the hat hanging on a little hook, permanently, in my hallway. Sigh. Or perhaps I can wear it. The designers are Farmers Market from Iceland and they show a lady wearing one here on their website so perhaps I can rock it if my husband ends up not wearing it. Hmmm.

On the other hand, this shawl is gorgeous. Wow. That would not hang on a little hook in my hallway, it would be draped around my neck and I may never take it off until Spring at least. It's very folksy looking, I love that.

(images: icelandic market)