Fey Handmade

I've talked about Fey Handmade before but oh golly miss molly the shop just keeps getting better + better + better! There is no end to the diverse independent talent and beauty on this expertly curated site where you can find everything from intricately designed gemstone necklaces to fabulous prints that just drip with gorgeousness and femininity. I know I'm embellishing here and really loading up on the adjectives but seriously, I love it so much that I'll risk sounding like a sap {drool drool}.

fey handmade

a few of my personal favorites: a. calendar, b. necklace, c. pot (the legal kind), d. clock, e. bike, f. deer, g. squirrel clock, h. owl mask, i. tabletop clock (yeah I have a thing for clocks, okay?), j. address box and k. tree towels.

Now allow me to continue with my sappy sap oh-my-gawd write up. Fey Handmade is one of those shops, for me anyway, where I visit and say, "I'll take that and that and that and oh that too!." I'm sure you'll love Fey, too!

(images: fey handmade)