Kate Spade Inspires

Kate Spade never fails to inspire me with something bold and now that I live abroad, what looks very, very American all of a sudden. And it's nice. Here are some fabulous Kate Spade things mixed with rooms that feel a tad bit Kate-inspired from two of my favorite magazines Livingetc in England and House Beautiful in America. The best of both worlds!

kate spade


kate spade

And by the way... I thought I'd share a bit about expat life for a moment if you don't mind. It's interesting how when you grow up in one country like me and then relocate to Europe and start to settle in how very American certain behavior, fashion, interiors, even "text speak", slang and pop culture (like reality television!) really are. While in the states I never gave it much thought but now that I'm here someone will say, "Oh that sounds so American!" or "Your way of speaking German is so cute - it's sooo American!" (is that good or bad by the way, I can't quite decide!). And so today, exactly 6 months since I relocated here, I'm finally starting to sink into what this whole, that or this looks sooo American really means. And I like it. In my city, I'm exotic. I like being exotic.

+ Kate Spade -- you indeed are very American and that is a very good thing.

(images: kate spade, house beautiful, livingetc)