I Heart Shannon Fricke

I'm so star-struck by stylist and author Shannon Fricke in Australia. I wait for her posts in my inbox and the very second I see one I immediately click over and fall in love. Take this gorgeous image she posted below for example, this is something that she recently styled for a magazine... how beautiful.

Shannon Fricke

Her blog and all three of her books have had a tremendously positive influence on me since the first time I discovered them. And you know what she did one time? She sent me one of her books with a lovely note that I will always cherish, it is what drew me to her right away -- she's not only talented and successful (you can read her column in Inside Out magazine, one I subscribe to just to read her words) but she's really down-to-earth and sweet.

It's been awhile since that lucky day when I received her gift, but I've not forgotten the kind gesture and so Shannon, this post is a little shout out to you and the magical work that you do. From your writing to your styling and photography, it has all touched me so greatly and in addition, has provided the total escapism that I sometimes need during cold winters as I watch this lady style gorgeous settings in sunny Australia.


Before I wrap up this post, Shannon found a gorgeous photo from Anthropologie (above) that I know I'll keep and post to my inspiration board because I love a good butterfly print and these absolutely have my heart. What a lovely room. Shannon sure knows how to pick the best spaces for sharing on her blog.

Shannon, you're the best!

(image t0p: shannon fricke and bottom: anthropologie)