A Beautiful Bed

Ah... a lovely bed greeting you as you enter your sleeping quarters. Bliss! One that is dressed simply but beautifully making it a gorgeous focal point but also a cozy spot to curl up in and leave your cares behind. Would you like to see a beautiful bed? This is Danielle's bedroom in her gorgeous country home outside of Amsterdam, she shot a photo of it because she just received a limited supply of vintage bedspreads in white -- no two are the same -- and she offered me one and this is what I selected...

vintage bedspread

It just arrived today and I scooped it up out of its box like a newborn baby  -- holding it up into the air smiling like a total dork from some cheesy fabric softener commercial. But when you find something so lovely you cannot help but feel a sense of pride overly a newly acquired gem.

vintage bedspread

If you like this one, Danielle has about 8 more in different sizes and patterns that she will list on Ebay this weekend. You may want watch this page (currently there is nothing in stock but that will change!) to make sure that you do not miss your chance because trust me -- you really will love one of these on your bed!

(image: danielle delange)