Paris Tips?

A contact of mine on Facebook, Caroline Panico, has asked for a favor and since you are all quite the well-traveled bunch I'm sure many of you have some great travel tips. Here is her question...

Alicia Bock

"Hi Holly, I am going to Paris in March with my husbands band, Montage Populaire, do you or any of your readers know of places to go/shop/eat/visit which wouldn't be in the tourist guides? I would be really grateful and I know you and your readership are just the right sort of people to ask!!!"

Paris - Tips

Well first of all Caroline, Mon Pop sounds great - I'm so glad to know of your husband's band. And secondly, I don't think that you can really go wrong in Paris no matter where you go but sure... I'll bet lots of decor8 readers can help you so I'll leave it to them. And they'll also be helping me and my husband as we plan to take the train over in the Spring.

Any good tips to share?

(image: top: Alicia Bock and bottom: Little Brown Pen)