Chelsea Victoria (+ Dreams of Escape)

Have you felt the magic of Chelsea Victoria's photography? Lady of Chinatown, Through the Trees and Wonderland all paint three separate stories for me which is why I've selected them to share below. I find most of her photos to be like this though, they make you really stop and look. And think. And then you begin to slip away into a little daydream. And let's face it, sometimes we need daydreams because life can present challenges and leave us with little time to play around with ideas in our head, alone, being imaginative and creative and dreaming... So take a moment out for yourself now and look at these photos one by one and try to see beyond them if you can - create a little tale or see what feeling they give you.

chelsea victoria

I remember when I once worked in a cubicle I had the most amazing rotating gallery of photos that I had taken -- all of them arranged in a way that helped keep me sane in a very busy job. I had photographs of London and Paris and Germany mostly, and lots of poems and inspirational quotes on my wall. I even had photos from my friends around, and lots of pictures of me with my friends. I guess all of that helped me to play escape artist throughout the day as it was so easy to feel lost and out of touch with my dreams back then being young with little money and a very good job that I loved but also felt scared to stay in forever because I knew it gave me no real ability to express my creativity and this bothered me so much.  I think that is why today I support and write about art and photographers and creative types for a living, because I see their work as being more than just pretty or nice but as motivating, powerful and often able to lift us from very dark places and I want others to pay attention to that. Many still do not know the power in a simple, beautiful photograph. Or a painting that completely touches their heart.

One look at a particular print, photograph or painting in my home and I experience some emotion whether it be excitement, passion, encouragement, deliverance, peace. It's important to look for work that gives you emotions that can save you on days when life feels really, really scary or cold or like a losing battle. We can all have tough days or even periods of time but I believe that all of the photos I took and displayed in my big beige cubicle gave me hope, vision, gave me something to work towards though at the time I wasn't even sure exactly what yet but I knew I'd someday find love, end up in Europe, and be working in a creative field as a motivator and supporter and writer of some sort. I knew I wanted more. If you think art as therapy or art as emotional support sounds crazy, then I understand because it sounds a little crazy as I type it. Almost like I'm blogging under the influence or something. But I just had this idea that if we could all create the life we want to have around us today, even if only through a window of photography, paintings, etc. then could it make the current moment feel more pleasurable and could it possibly lead to something greater down the road? How long can you look at something and want for something and dream of something without eventually taking hold of it -- I mean I may be a dreamer but can it be possible that perhaps seeing and believing can ultimately lead to having?

I don't wonder anymore. It's possible for some and why not let the some be you? Post some photos around that help you to feel very specific emotions, or that remind you of attainable dreams. A mentor can show the way. A role model can lead by example. Can a seemingly simply photograph be your guide as you go?

(images: chelsea victoria)