Blue Wishbone Chairs

I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I could sit on a blue wishbone chair tonight! Yeah, corny I know. Sorry. These are, hands down, the most beautiful chairs that I've laid eyes on in a very long time. Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner continues to influence furniture designers inspiring their work today. He showed us what comfort, refined elegance and quality can look like. For the iconic Wishbone Chair’s 60th anniversary, Carl Hansen & Son is releasing 12 new colors at $930 USD each. The first set are four different tones of blue, then in May they'll launch a green palette followed by another palette in October.

Blue Wishbone Chairs

Wishbone chairs

Wishbone chair

"The Dean of The Chair, Hans Wegner made over five hundred Wishbones in his life. A master craftsman, his love of natural materials is evident in the woods and rush used in his pieces. it is difficult to isolate one chair as his masterpiece, but his most popular is the Wishbone, so named because of the shape of its back. Wegner paid utmost attention to the comfort of his wooden seating, ensuring the sitter would be happy in them for hours and that each chair was as beautiful from the back as from the front. Today manufacturer Carl Hansen still makes the Wishbone exactly as Wegner did, with the highest quality woods and natural materials, ensuring each piece is both a classic and also eco-friendly."


(images: carl heansen & son)