Make Your Weekend Lovely

I wish you a weekend filled with at least a few special moments for yourself because you certainly deserve them. It's been a hard week for many of my friends, one watched her relationship end, another is watching his end, my brother-in-law had his 11th surgery and is in a lot of pain, and I got word from a relative that my dear mother is suffering depression because I moved away and well, that made me feel pretty sad because I didn't even see this coming and wondered how I could have missed it. And I haven't a clue what to do.

Gemma Correll

Sometimes it's hard to be a grown up, I think we all have days when we wish it was all as magical as childhood made being an adult out to be. It made me think of this song by James Morrisson called Once When I Was Little. The lyrics are here, I invite you to read them and listen/watch him perform the song here. It's very touching and true, something we all can relate to. Especially for me this week.

"I was the one, who would always jump in first. Didn't think twice to look behind. Got such a good feeling, just from playing in the dirt, Once when I was little...." - James Morrison.

But I won't end this week on a solemn note. I will leave it on a positive one. I think you're lovely, just as the illustration says above by the talented Gemma Correll. I will see you Monday and make your weekend a great one.

(image: Gemma Correll)