Anna See

Good morning and happy monday and even more, happy March to you! My windows are open where I sit in my office/dining room and I can hear the birds singing as the sun shines in on my face... the skies are blue and I'm ready for spring! And how are you today? I was born on the first day of spring and so I have a special fondness for March... Though I must confess that while living in New Hampshire & Boston winter often skipped spring taking us straight into summer and I really, really missed those glorious months that I loved so much as a child growing up down south. That is why I'm excited that for the first time since I was a teenager that I can enjoy a proper spring! Which brings me to introduce you to Anna See, an illustrator living in California who created these lovely bird block prints that to me, welcome spring in!

Anna See

I enjoyed reading her refreshingly honest bio this morning and I'd like to share it with you because I think it may resonate with those of you who may feel a bit scattered when it comes to your interests or even your own portfolio. I appreciate how Anna has so openly expressed her viewpoint, "After often being admonished for being all over the place, Anna finally realized that it’s okay to challenge yourself and explore, and that versatility can be a strength." Anna adds that,  “Style should not drive the picture; the picture should drive the style.”

Which explains why her portfolio is not unified by a particular style... interesting viewpoint, right? Do you ever feel like Anna? If so, I hope you can find peace in the fact that it's okay to accept it and go forward with your passions, doing what you love.

You can purchase some of Anna's affordable work here.

(images: anna see)