Wood & Wool Stool

I'm predicting a new blog trend... Wood & Wool Stool will soon be in the homes of blog readers and authors everywhere! Seriously! ha ha. I think Wood & Wool stool will be the next "Keep Calm & Carry On" poster because over the past several months I've noticed Ingrid's beautiful stools popping up all over blogland and even in the homes of some of our favorites blog authors. Ingrid will custom make a stool for you and she ships worldwide, so I guess the only question is - why not?

Wood & Wool Studio

If you don't know much about Ingrid and her studio you can travel back in time to this post where I shared a few views of her home last year. I ordered a pair of stools for myself, in the top photo, only with a slight twist.. I decided to "marry" my happy couple so I've asked Ingrid to crochet a lilac heart to hang from the white stool. :) I know, I know... cuteness is my weakness. I'll show them to you once they arrive happy & safe to live with me. :)

Wood & Wool Studio

Yvonne from Yvestown has one too - in white - and I think another in rainbow colors. Yvonne is it true? Do you have a few? The craft queen Dottie Angel even has a stool, shown above (below the pair that I ordered) -- her stool is amongst the crafty chairs in her eating nook and she made a fabric topper for it while she washes the original crochet cover In the photos below you can see Ingrid hard at work with the cutest star western boots ever and a glimpse of her desk with a stool on top, obviously a piece she was working on.

So what do you think of these little charmers?

(images: linked above)