Happy Weekend

This week has come to a close and now I must be on my way to start my weekend doing all of the things that I love do like sleep in, work on projects that fulfill me and watch The Tudors on DVD because let's face it, a little Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes a very long way. :)

Happy Weekend

And what about you? What will you do this weekend? What do you hope to accomplish? I think I will make pancakes in the morning and go for a long forest walk since we have fresh snow on the ground (again). To think that last weekend everyone was wearing spring jackets and out buying ice cream cones and today we're back in mittens and boots... oh well. It is what it is so I plan to simply enjoy it by taking a long walk in the forest in the morning followed by reading the newspaper in my favorite local coffee shop. The little things often have the greatest impact on me and there is nothing more beautiful than a forest covered with fresh snow.

I'll see you on Monday and by the way, Leslie and I just finished teaching Blogging Your Way and have decided to teach another in September so I'll make an announcement here on decor8 sometime early August in case you are interested. Also, Leslie will be back with her Color Me Pretty column in two weeks and will visit us once a month with her color story. This month she'll be focusing on pastels to get us in the mood for spring.

See you in a few days!

(image: holly becker for decor8)