Rosehip Pillowcases

I'm on a girly roll today! Ha ha! But I can't help myself... when I spotted these pretty pillowcases by Rosehip I knew I had to share them because they're so frilly and sweet! Sometimes I really like feminine touches in the bedroom -- but not really on my bed (my husband isn't so fond of bedding that looks this sweet) but I do imagine it more for a guest bedroom or even in a summer house or on a child's bed. It really feels like summer as I look at these photographs... all that is missing is iced sweet tea and peonies by the bed.

Rose Hip

I would love to have a beach house (who wouldn't?) or a country home in say, France, and on the bed have some of these darling cases to cozy up to at night after a long, hard day of lingering around picking fresh flowers and working on creative projects, cooking... ah, the thought of all that is so transporting, soothing -- just lovely!

Rose Hip

I must get away this summer, even if for a week, to relax in a rented cottage or something. Do you have an escape cottage? A stone farmhouse that awaits your visit each year for even a few weeks? It's a wonderful thought, especially now as it's nearing the end of March and I'm ready to start planning some time off as I didn't get much of a rest last year between moving and unpacking. And though this summer I'll need to travel for a work-related project (more on that later), it's not the same as packing up your shorts and flip flops and heading to the coast to do simply nothing but picnic and build sandcastles... something I did daily as a child that I took for granted and now as an adult I miss my lazy beach days so much!

But these pillowcases... yes, they make me want to escape to a sweet little spot where I can cook and craft and just be in the moment.

(images: rosehip)