Happy Weekend!

Did you have a nice week? Was it a productive one or do you feel a bit behind? Let's make a deal. Whether you had a good week or a not-so-good one let's agree to make this weekend great, okay? Find some time to play with your children, mend a hem, watch a film, paint something pretty, doodle in your journal... but let's all carve out some time to give something back to ourselves and to be kind and caring to those we love, maybe even a little extra. I will organize my little house as living in such a small temporary space takes constant editing -- the moment I have extra things around it starts to feel as though the walls are closing in!


I can't wait until we find a permanent place to live but for now we must continue searching and exercising patience, something I don't have much of so I assume this is good training for me. He who holds his breath the longest wins, or so the German expression goes. I personally think that he who holds his breath the longest turns blue and collapses! ha ha! And that is sometimes how I feel as I'm a bit obsessed with this whole house hunt. But this past week I've decided to just let go and make the best of my current home until a better one comes along. I plan to do a lot of measuring this weekend because I know I could be utilizing this space much better than I am and since it could be months before we find a place, even a year, I need to still live my life in the interim so I'm planning to do some shopping for a few new pieces that will better organize our nest.

I also plan to spend time with my friends and to enjoy the final weekend in March reflecting on the winter behind me and the spring ahead. April should be a relatively low-key month for me, I have plenty of work to do but nothing crazy but then once May rolls around I will be running non-stop until November at least and I'll be going into detail later on what I'm up to in the months ahead but it will include travel and lots of weekend spent working so I'm going to bask in the still of April and enjoy every drop -- because it won't stay calm for long. I recently signed on to a spa nearby where I'll go in April for the month -- I won't be staying there but simply visiting for a few hours in the early morning to exercise, take a sauna, lay on the deck and read (if the weather permits) and do some yoga. April for me is all about restoration and building up my health and energy so that I can be 100% come May.

You know what I did the other day? I bought some beautiful little olive trees for my windows to celebrate spring and now I'm on the hunt for some kitchen things... a blender, a hot water "cooker" as they are called here, and I need a few flower pots for my pretty trees. So in addition to organizing things, I plan to do a little shopping in the morning at the flea market and also in the city.

What will you do this weekend? I do hope you enjoy yourself. I'll see you on Monday...

(image: holly becker for decor8)