Podcast + Big News!

Well it's time to reveal some big news! I have been busy working on two projects -- one local and the other definitely more of a gift to you, and I talk about them for the first time publicly during a podcast interview with Darren from Problogger. I wanted to tell you my big news vs. write it down because I wouldn't email my mother to tell her something important -- I would call her and that's how I feel today too, like this is my way of calling you and letting you know. It's a long discussion but I tried to make it interesting so that you can take away some tips away for yourself. You may click here to listen. Turn the sound down though, it is quite loud otherwise and you don't want your boss to catch ya when you should be working. But who cares about work when you have online things to do, right?!? :)

A podcast today!

Here are some things that I talk about:

  • the story behind starting decor8
  • content ideas
  • what type of posts attract more comments
  • ideas on advertising and how it works
  • how to deal with negative comments and what positive things can come from them
  • what I want readers to gain by reading decor8
  • how I've built my readership
  • how I make a full-time living from my blog
  • why I had to outsource technical and ad space management
  • and I talk about my other projects, which until today, have not been shared publicly. :)

Thank you Darren for the chat, it was fun to go live as most of my interviews are text-based. I giggle a lot because it was nearly midnight when we recorded and I get silly late at night -- but I like that it's natural and real and I hope that you d0 too.

You may click here to listen

(image: collage by holly becker)