Happy Weekend!

Errands? Check. Fridge stocked? Check. Work finished? Um next question, please. House cleaned? Sorta check... It's a holiday weekend and time to sign off until Tuesday since it's Easter weekend! Tomorrow is Karfreitag and then Monday is Ostermontag so I'm taking both holidays for myself. We have family coming in tomorrow and a Spring festival (Frühlingsfest) to attend so the weekend will be busy but fun and certainly a time for play - no work allowed!

feminine touches...

Before I sign off, I'm leaving you with an interview to read that the very sweet and talented Jessica Constable had with me this morning called Design Your Life where we talked about intentions and how we can all learn ways in which to turn them into something real. You can read that here. Also do not miss the new collection of jewelry that Jess just rolled out under her brand Jess LC -- it's stunning. I want these and this (with a blue ribbon).

I'm also leaving you with this 50 minute podcast in case you missed it earlier this week -- I was interviewed by Darren who authors Problogger in Australia and in his interview with me we discuss everything from ads on blogs to how to handle critical comments and beyond. You may find some helpful points in our discussion so please listen to it if you have a moment. Well, 50 moments to be exact. :) And a special thanks to Swedish magazine Välkommen Hem for the feature! If you live in Sweden look for this magazine on your newsstands, it features some beautiful home and decorating ideas and also a feature on four bloggers -- one being me.

I wish you a very nice long weekend...enjoy your family, friends and some time away from the internet to get your hands busy doing the things that inspire confidence and joy.

And please.... please.... don't bring your child to see an Easter bunny like the one here. Yes, that's little me. I think this Easter bunny needed anger management counseling. Doesn't he look kinda creepy? I laugh whenever I see that photo. I think he's saying, "I've got you, my pretty".  At least I got away safe, ha!

What are your plans this weekend? Oh do tell!

(images: holly becker for decor8)