Interior Styling Ideas

One favorite pastime of mine lately is to browse the submissions from over 1,600 members who belong to my Interior Styling group on Flickr. I am constantly amazed by the talent there and thoroughly enjoy it and think that you may too. Here is but a glimpse of some of the most recent submissions, these spaces are so nicely arranged -- there's nothing like the authenticity of a "real" home that hasn't been fluffed and groomed to perfection. They are perfectly imperfect, with heart and personality, and this is so inspiring to me. Have a look...

Interior Styling on Flickr

Pretty shelves: 1. Haust 2. bigiork 3. ATLITW

Interior Styling on Flickr

Sweet little corners: 1. The Happy Home 2. tovemichelle12

Interior Styling on Flickr

Cozy bedroom inspiration: 1. The Happy Home 2. Lisa Airdrie

You can pick up so many ideas for decorating your own space from regularly visiting and participating in this group. We even have monthly challenges to keep it fun and interesting. To view more inspirational photos taken by members of their own homes, or to join (it's free!), please visit Interior Styling on Flickr to view over 2,000 submissions!

(images: linked to their source above.)