Happy Weekend!

Thank you for joining me this week on decor8 -- it's been nice to mingle with you sharing decorating ideas and inspiration. I thought for this Friday I'd change things up a bit with a weekly recap to quickly highlight the five most popular (measured by tweets + comments) posts in case you're just tuning in... and I have a special contest to announce below that will kick off on Monday -- details are below!

Have a nice weekend!

Five most popular decor8 posts this week:

Oh and yes, there's yet another post that still generates a ton of interest because in our creative community it happens to us (sadly) at one time or another -- being copied! This post has nearly 200 amazingly insightful and often helpful comments and is called: DIY Is Not Duplicate It Yourself.

I'm heading out to see another flat -- the hunt is still on! And then I have a full weekend ahead so I'll meet you here again on Monday when I post a contest that I've put together with Pottery Barn to give away $100 gift cards to 5 lucky decor8 winners - stay tuned!

(image: holly becker for decor8)