Toast + Vintage Tiles

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for vintage tiles -- especially blue and white ones but I'm open to other colors as well. Remember the home of Myrte de Zeeuw in Belgium that I shared with you last year? I'd even like to have tile like hers in my home, too. I think it's quite sad that in many of the apartments and homes that I look at vintage flooring is often removed and replaced with standard white or gray tiles lacking in both charm and personality but also history - such a shame!


To me, there is nothing better than vintage tile floors (or even repros) in the wet areas of a home -- even the entryway or balcony looks beautiful with them. And so seeing this image above in the Toast catalog I was reminded once again of my love of old tiles, particularly those from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Europe in general and Turkey -- though Germany has some beautiful ones too. And speaking of Toast, you must check out their linens, rubbish bins, towels and their lovely pillows.


We all have dreams of the perfect interiors... My dream is to someday live in a pretty apartment with lots of sunlight and blue and white tiles on the wall in the kitchen -- vintage ones... And old windows, and tons of transom windows... and a built in bookcase, a fireplace with a mantle, high ceilings, wood floors (herringbone would be ideal)... And a bathroom with a large clawfoot soaking tub with a huge window. And a balcony overlooking something very pretty -- like a courtyard or garden. I know... realistic, right!? :)


I have been thinking about this and seeing it in my mind for so many years but never can I find it. Ha! I wonder why!? But oh yes, I must say that I need not have all of those features -- even just a few would be grand. But of course, a place with vintage blue and white tiles in the kitchen would be a dream come true for me. I'm thinking that perhaps I can put them up someday if I buy a home of my own. What a happy thought this is!

What is your dream when it comes to something you imagine having in your home that you do not currently?

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