Hicks Paper Goods

I love the preppy green, blue and white in the cards that I've selected today for this spread showcasing the work of Hicks Paper Goods. With great weather comes lots of invitations to everything from weddings to patio parties and if you plan to host something special soon then you may want to consider sending a pretty invitation to set the stage for your event. It may feel a little "old school" to mail out invitations these days but in my opinion sometimes old school is the best school because there is nothing like opening an invitation sent by mail.

I am invited to many events via Facebook and for smaller things, like a picnic or coffee with a friend, this is absolutely fine... but I hope to never live in a world where this becomes the norm for all events - especially formal ones. I really like receiving something paper by mail as a keepsake but also because it makes the occasion feel more "important" and there is also the element of surprise - who will be there? On social networking sites you can often see who has confirmed attendance and who has declined which sometimes, for me, takes the fun out of it.

What is your take on mailing paper goods for special events vs. emailing digital invitations or sending invites via social networking sites like Facebook?

(images: hicks paper goods)