Olioboard: Moodboard App

I wrote about Olioboard today over at Real Simple but in case you didn't see it I have to show and tell here too! Olioboard is a new web app for creating your own moodboards online that you can save, share and also click on products to shop for them. It's such a clever app that I'm sure many of you will like. I bet this will be one of those, "Oh why did Holly have to tell me about THIS?" websites though because I imagine it could be a major time robber. But hey, have fun (and free!) and perhaps after trying it a bit you can let me know what you think.


Note: The above board was not created by me, it was made by a Olioboard member.

I just created an account called decor8, if you want to connect with me there. See you at Olioboard!

(image: olioboard)