Roddy & Ginger {and a little secret...}

Roddy & Ginger has some delightful new offerings to grab your interest today... I've long been a fan of Virginia's design work which is why I love to write about her whenever she shares new patterns and colors showing her signature characters along with some new friends that she has created.

Roddy & Ginger

I love the folksy feel along with the mid century colorways and clean, modern aesthetic. From mermaids to pretty maids all in a row, Roddy & Ginger has designs to fit every room in your home from the kid's play area to the kitchen. Love!

Roddy & Ginger

And of course... I have another reason for posting about Roddy & Ginger and this photo above is a bit of a sneak peek... But you have to read Virgina's own words here to know my secret. :)

(images: roddy & ginger)