Wall Arrangements

This wallpaper (I bet none of us would look twice at until now), those small nature-inspired watercolors with the white borders, the rustic wooden chair... it's so charming. It was taken by Flickr photographer/blogger Dennis Homenkrov in Russia and it totally speaks to me -- which surprised me a bit as this is not a palette I naturally am drawn towards. Does it speak to you? If so, what does it say?

It says to me that most of us need to totally loosen up when it comes to how we arrange things on the wall and more specifically, what we use to display our pretty things in on the walls. I think it's easy to assume that all art must be framed to look good but this photo clearly proves otherwise. If you pin, tape, staple or tack things up with some thought, neatly even, you can place things on your wall that inspire you and you don't have to spend much money in the process. I love a collection of framed art or even a single framed piece on the wall, don't get me wrong, but now and then it's fun to just go with something a bit more freestyle and random.

(image: Dennis Homenkov)