Jennifer Causey

Hello Friends, it is Leslie here with the work of photographer Jennifer Causey. She is no stranger to decor8 as there is a post about Jennifer by Holly back in 2006. I on the other hand am new to Jennifer's work and since viewing her portfolio I cannot stop thinking about it!

There is something really fresh about Jennifer's work as she manages to make many elements look uncluttered and elegant. I find myself staring at her photographs imagining what I would do next in them, like gobble up that banana bread or pick a pattern off the wall for a silkscreen. I want to be in her photographs! Jennifer is really good at using popular domestic subject matter like tea cups, sweets and books and making them look like a still life painting or a calm moment in time instead of being syrupy sweet and fluffy. This is what makes her work fresh and why I find it inspiring.

Jennifer recently photographed the book Applique Your Way and Holly talked about it in this post.

You will love going through Jennifer's gorgeous portfolio, her food photography is stunning too.

Be prepared to be swept away by Jennifer's blog, simply photo and her simply photo shop.

Do you have a photographer who completely blows your mind, too? Who is it?

(images: jennifer causey)